TitlePoly-DWT: Polymorphic Wavelet Hardware Support For Dynamic Image Compression
Publication TypeJournal Articles
AuthorsPande, A., and J. Zambreno
JournalACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems (TECS)

Many modern computing applications have been enabled through the use of real-time multimedia processing. While several hardware architectures have been proposed in the research literature to support such primitives, these fail to address applications whose performance and resource requirements have a dynamic aspect. Embedded multimedia systems typically need a power and computation efficient design in addition to good compression performance. In this paper, we introduce a Polymorphic Wavelet Architecture (Poly-DWT) as a crucial building block towards the development of embedded systems to address such challenges. We illustrate how our Poly-DWT architecture can potentially make dynamic resource allocation decisions, such as the internal bit representation and the processing kernel, according to the application requirements. We introduce a filter switching architecture that allows for dynamic switching between 5/3 and 9/7 wavelet filters and leads to a more power efficient design. Further, a multiplier-free design with a low adder requirement demonstrates the potential of Poly-DWT for embedded systems. Through an FPGA prototype, we perform a quantitative analysis of our Poly-DWT architecture, and compare our filter to existing approaches to illustrate the area and performance benefits inherent in our approach.

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