TitleEfficient Translation of Algorithmic Kernels on Large-Scale Multi-Cores
Publication TypeConference Papers
AuthorsPande, A., and J. Zambreno
Conference NameProceedings of the International Workshop on Reconfigurable and Multicore Embedded Systems (WoRMES)
Date PublishedAugust

In this paper we present the design of a novel embedded processor architecture (which we call a µ-core) that makes use of a reconfigurable ALU. This core serves as the basis of custom 2-dimensional array architectures that can be used to accelerate algorithms such as cryptography and image processing. An efficient translation and mapping of instructions from the multi-core grid to the individual processor cores is proposed and illustrated with an implementation of the AES encryption algorithm on custom-sized grids. A simulation model was developed using Simulink and the performance analysis suggests a positive trend towards the development and utilization of such hardware.

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