TitleAn Evaluation of a Slice Fault Aware Tool Chain
Publication TypeConference Papers
AuthorsGupte, A., and P. Jones
Conference NameProceedings of Design, Automation, and Test in Europe (DATE)
Date PublishedMarch

As FPGA sizes and densities grow, their manufacturing yields decrease. This work looks toward reclaiming some of this lost yield. Several previous works have suggested fault aware CAD tools for intelligently routing around faults. In this work we evaluate such an approach quantitatively with respect to some standard benchmarks. We also quantify the trade-offs between performance and fault tolerance in such a method. Leveraging existing CAD tools, we show up to 30% of slices being faulty can be tolerated. Such approaches could potentially allow manufacturers to sell larger chips with manufacturing faults as smaller chips using a nomenclature that appropriately captures the reduction in logic resources.

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