RCL Alumni

Name Degree Year Thesis Title Current Employer
Clinton Young Ph.D. 2022 Techniques for Utilizing Classification Towards Securing Automotive Controller Area Network and Machine Learning Towards the Reverse Engineering of CAN Messages Collins Aerospace
Matt Dwyer M.S. 2022 GeMM Enabled Batch Ray-Triangle Intersections NVIDIA
Ben Welte M.S. 2022 An FPGA implementation of SipHash Vermeer
Cristian George M.S. 2022 Towards the Reverse Engineering of DNN Structures on Heterogeneous Shared Cache Systems IBM
Pei Zhang Ph.D. 2021 Hardware/Software Frameworks for Control Techniques to Support Real-Time Systems
and Runtime Verification
Murad Qasaimeh Ph.D. 2020 Efficient Processing of Vision Kernels and Deep Neural Networks on Reconfigurable Computing Architectures AMD
Matthew Cauwels M.S. 2019 A Hardware Scalable, Software Configurable LQG Controller Using a Sequential Discrete Kalman Filter Vermeer
Saunak Saha M.S. 2019 Towards Energy-Efficient Hardware Acceleration of Memory-intensive Event-driven Kernels on a Synchronous Neuromorphic Substrate AMD
Robert Wernsman M.S. 2019 Analyzing Energy Savings in an FPGA Video Processing System using Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration Microsoft
Joseph Avey M.S. 2018 An FPGA-based Hardware Accelerator for Iris Segmentation Garmin
Quinn Murphy M.S. 2018 Accelerating Structured Light Surface Reconstruction with Motion Analysis Garmin
Mihir Awatramani Ph.D. 2017 Workload-aware Scheduling Techniques for General Purpose Applications on Graphics Processing Units Nvidia
Ben Williams M.S. 2017 Evaluation of a SoC for Real-time 3D SLAM Microsoft
Dan Roggow M.S. 2017 Real-time Ellipse Detection on an Embedded Reconfigurable SoC Collins Aerospace
Alex Grieve M.S. 2016 A Recompilation and Instrumentation-Free Monitoring Architecture
for Detecting Heap Memory Errors and Exploits
John Deere
Xinying Wang Ph.D. 2016 Using Reconfigurable Computing Technology to Accelerate Matrix Decomposition and Applications Intel
Aaron Mills Ph.D. 2016 Design and Implementation of an FPGA-based Piecewise Affine Kalman Filter for Cyber-Physical Systems MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Piriya Hall M.S. 2016 Adaptation of a GPU Simulator for Modern Architectures IBM
Kevin Townsend Ph.D. 2016 Sparse Matrix Vector Multiplication on FPGA-based Platforms Google
Chetan Kumar Ph.D. 2015 Hardware Architecture Support for Mixed Criticality and Real-Time Systems Nvidia
Sudhanshu Vyas Ph.D. 2015 Design Exploration of Hardware Accelerators for Mitigating the Effects of Computational Delay on Digital Control Loops Northrop Grumman
Blake Vermeer M.S. 2014 Creating a Releasable Version of ISERink Keysight
Matt Hinrichsen M.S. 2014 Reliable Authentication Using the Anderson PUF Workiva
Tyler Johnson M.S. 2014 An FPGA Architecture for the Recovery of WPA/WPA2 Keys Cerner
Kiran Tondehal M.S. 2013 Optimization of Sparse-Matrix Vector Multiplication on Convey HC-1 Oracle
Michael Patterson M.S. 2013 Vulnerability Analysis of GPU Computing Pillar Technology
Pooja Mhapsekar M.S. 2013 FPGA-based Acceleration of the RMAP Short Read Mapping Tool SKHynix
Moin Sayed M.S. 2012 Mitigating Impacts of Workload Variation on Ring Oscillator-based Thermometers Broadcom
Aaron Mills M.S. 2012 Design and Evaluation of a Delay-Based FPGA Physically Unclonable Function MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Chad Nelson M.S. 2012 RAMPS: Reconfigurable Architecture for Minimal Perfect Sequencing using the Convey Hybrid Core Computer Talen-X
Michael Steffen Ph.D. 2012 A Hardware-Software Integrated Solution for Improved Single-Instruction Multi-Thread Processor Efficiency AMD
Song Sun Ph.D. 2011 Analysis and Acceleration of Data Mining Algorithms on High Performance Reconfigurable Computing Platforms Symantec
Justin Rilling M.S. 2011 Persistent Monitoring of Digital ICs to Verify Hardware Trust Rockwell-Collins
Adwait Gupte M.S. 2011 A Slice Fault Aware Tool Chain for FPGAs D.E. Shaw
Amit Pande Ph.D. 2010 Algorithms and Architectures for Secure Embedded Multimedia Systems UC-Davis
Madhu Monga M.S. 2010 Real-Time Simulation of Dynamic Vehicle Models using High Performance Reconfigurable Computing Platforms Intel
Alex Baumgarten M.S. 2009 Preventing Integrated Circuit Piracy using Reconfigurable Logic Barriers Uber
Jesse Sathre M.S. 2008 Architectural Support for Secure and Survivable Software IBM